First post: Clube dos AGNs

This is the first post of our AGN Journal Club meetings at IAG USP: Clube dos AGNs.

Weekly informal meetings where people interested in AGNs — and more broadly black holes of all flavors — at IAG will discuss and critique recent papers that they find interesting. The papers that were discussed will be kept in the journal club blog (agnclub.wordpress.com). Ask for the google docs link with the weekly updated list of papers compiled for discussion.

Topic? primarily AGNs, on all scales, i.e. scales ranging from close to the event horizon to galactic scales (feedback, surveys etc). More broadly, papers involving black holes are welcome. Examples: AGNs in surveys, AGN feedback, stellar mass black hole or GRBs, theory/simulations of black hole accretion and outflows/jets, Sgr A*, etc. There will be no discrimination against any wavelength, given our multiwavelength interests.

Goals? keep up with the literature. Practice critical evaluation and discussion of papers. Identify ideas for future research.

Format? you bring a recent paper (sign up for the google groups for some suggestions of papers, updated weekly) and we take turns talking about them. You talk about your paper of choice informally for ~5-15 minutes. No need to prepare slides, but feel free to bring them if you prefer. Free flow of ideas, critique and discussion will be encouraged.

Duration? 1 hour.

Where and when? Fridays, 4pm, room A-305.

Organizer: Rodrigo Nemmen

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