3 pc jet from Sgr A*, feedback on ISM, filaments in Cen, HST view of BLR in LLAGNs

Today we spoke about a couple of papers with very interesting results.

Evidence for 3 pc scale jet from Sgr A*, Yuzef-Zadeh [Pedro]

Pedro presented us an interesting paper from Farhad

based on VLA radio observations and polarization features

interesting results, but evidence for jet (linear features) emanating from the Galactic Center have been contradictory. Usually the linear features don’t agree with each other.

Radio Jets Clearing the way through a Galaxy: Watching feedback in action, Science [Juliana]



the jet from a radio galaxy seems to be pushing HI gas at ~100 pc distances from the core

first time this has been seen

MUSE discovers perpendicular arcs in Cen A inner filament [Loic]

The HST view of the broad line region in low luminosity AGN [Steiner]


Palomar survey: 211 LINERs

survey found 46 sources with broad Halpha emission

contamination in the palomar spectra

circumnuclear contamination

paper not very convincing, because subtraction method to reveal BLR is questionable

not all LINERs have BLR

the last sentence of the paper is puzzling

Other papers we noted


Black-hole jets without large-scale net magnetic flux


you can power jets without the need of large scale poloidal fields, but you need retrograde disks

Tidal Disruption and Magnetic Flux Capture: Powering a Jet from a Quiescent Black Hole


Spectral synthesis of stellar populations in the 3D era: The CALIFA experience



Dense star-forming regions have complex organic molecules, Science


ars technica

Storm in a “Teacup”: a radio-quiet quasar with ~10kpc radio-emitting bubbles and extreme gas kinematics


Neutrino lighthouse at Sagittarius A*, PRD


New Scientist: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22429894.500-monster-neutrino-solves-cosmicray-mystery.html#.VEAHtL68FSY

Clustering of gamma-ray selected 2LAC Fermi Blazars [rodrigo]


Blazar candidates beyond redshift 4 observed by Swift


figure 4 is nice!

Screenshot 2014-10-24 18.20.43

Time-resolved infrared emission from radiation-driven central obscuring structures in Active Galactic Nuclei


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