Breaking news about G2, GRBs against life in the universe, Ulisses visit

We discussed the new, potentially breaking news observations, on the G2 object on its way to the supermassive black hole in Sgr A*. As it turns out, it is probably a star (see its stellar PSF) that will probably not be tidally disrupted. Much less exciting that what everybody was expecting.

Detection of Galactic Center source G2 at 3.8 μm during periapse passage [BREAKING NEWS, Rodrigo]


Our visitor this week, Ulisses Barres de Almeida, told us about the Top 3 scientific highlights of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) for AGNs in his opinion: the characterization of the extragalactic background light, dark matter and breaking the degeneracy between hadronic vs leptonic scenarios for the gamma-ray origin of the emission from AGN jets.

Other papers we noted: 

Gamma Ray Bursts vs. All Life on Earth



Kiloparsec-scale radio emission in Seyfert and LINER galaxies



UV spectral diagnostics for low redshift quasars: estimating physical conditions and radius of the Broad Line Region



Interferometry meets the third and fourth dimensions in galaxies



The Infrared Medium-Deep Survey II: How to Trigger Radio-AGN? Hints from Their Environments



The Radiative Efficiency of a Radiatively Inefficient Accretion Flow



The Power of Imaging: Constraining the Plasma Properties of GRMHD Simulations using EHT Observations of Sgr A*



Are spine-sheath polarization structures in the jets of active galactic nuclei associated with helical magnetic fields?



The interplay between a galactic bar and a supermassive black hole: nuclear fueling in a sub-parsec resolution galaxy simulation



On the dynamics of clouds in the broad-line region of AGNs with an ADAF atmosphere


Other interesting papers (not directly related to AGNs or black holes)


Yakov Zeldovich and the Cosmic Web Paradigm



Turbulent heating in galaxy clusters brightest in X-rays


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