Winds from a nearby quasar; reverberation mapping of super-critical AGNs; search for extraterrestrial civilizations using WISE

In this interesting meeting, we discussed the following papers. Steiner spoke about the detection of a P-cygni profile in the X-ray emission from the z=0.2 quasar PDS 456 (Nardini et al. 2015, Science paper). This is significant because P-cygni profiles are the signatures of outflows — either in stars or in AGNs. The beautiful XMM and Nustar observations are consistent with an accretion disk moving at ~0.3c and carrying 1E46 erg/s of kinetic power which is comparable to the binding energy of a Milky Way type of galaxy. Note that this paper is very much related to the previous Tombesi et al. 2015 Nature paper that we discussed a few weeks ago.

Here is a comparison of the X-ray spectra reported by Tombesi (Nature) and Nardini (Science):

Henrique spoke about the result that the time delays between continuum and line emission in highly super-Eddington AGNs in NLSy1s tend to be smaller than in sub-Eddington Seyferts. Is the broad line much different / smaller in size in NLSy1s? What is going on?

Rodrigo talked about the new ApJ paper on searching for the waste heat from type-III civilizations in the mid-IR using the WISE (arXiv:1504.03418). This kind of study should be done and the cool thing is that there are secondary science products (finding weird IR emitters). They find about 100 extended sources with an excess of mid-IR emission. This paper has received quite some coverage in the press (e.g., VISION, Penn State press release). Jason Wright (PI of the G-hat project) has been blogging about this for a while, definitely an interesting read.

Other papers that we noticed

Heating the intra-cluster medium by jet-inflated bubbleshttp://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2015arXiv150404846H

The Nuclear Structure of 3C84 with Space VLBI (RadioAstron) Observationshttp://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2015arXiv150401516G

The Energetics and Lifetimes of Local Radio Active Galactic Nucleihttp://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2015arXiv150405204T

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