Strong magnetic field in a radio galaxy from RM; inside the Bondi radius of M87

Juliana talked about recent constraints on the rotation measure of a radio galaxy using ALMA observations. There is a degeneracy between the electron density and the magnetic field, so the observations cannot give an unambiguous measure of the B. But they suggest strong fields at sub-parsec scales.

A strong magnetic field in the jet base of a supermassive black hole, Science. http://www.sciencemag.org/content/348/6232/311.short

Rodrigo spoke about a paper recently accepted to MNRAS: Inside the bondi radius of M87. The authors select Chandra observations and are able to constrain the density and temperature profiles within the Bondi radius of M87. They don’t see a temperature rising — as would be expected from gravitational heating due to the presence of the SMBH — and find rho(R) \propto 1/R as would be expected in RIAF models with outflows. This is another paper strengthening the case that the Bondi model is simple and attractive, but unrealistic and unlikely to be valid in the real world of SMBH accretion in LLAGNs.

Other papers we noticed

A New Catalogue of Type 1 AGN and its Implication on the AGN Unified Model



Coevolution Between Supermassive Black Holes and Bulges Is Not Via Internal Feedback Regulation But By Rationed Gas Supply Due To Angular Momentum Distribution



The Best Constraints on A Super-Eddington Accretion Flow: XMM-Newton Observations of An Intermediate-mass Black Hole



X-ray Insights into the Nature of PHL 1811 Analogs and Weak Emission-Line Quasars: Unification with a Geometrically Thick Accretion Disk?



Comparison between RHD simulation of supercritical accretion flows and steady model with outflows



Merger-driven Fueling of Active Galactic Nuclei: Six Dual and Offset Active Galactic Nuclei Discovered with Chandra and Hubble Space Telescope Observations



Stellar and Quasar Feedback in Concert: Effects on AGN Accretion, Obscuration, and Outflows


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