Origin of periodicity in binary SMBH candidate (Nature), 3D simulations of GRB jets

In our last meeting, we discussed two papers:

For the first paper, published last week in Nature, we had the opportunity to chat with the first author, Daniel D’Orazio, a phd student at Columbia finishing grad school. Daniel mentioned the motivation for the work, some of the challenges. We asked about comparisons of the variability behavior with a few other binary SMBH candidates, prospects for future studies, clues on the behaviour of the BLR for these guys.

Here is a very rough cartoon of the physical scenario by Rodrigo:

Evernote Snapshot 20150925 153026

Chandra told us about the second paper by Bromberg & Tchekhovskoy. Quite long but very interesting investigation of 3D GRMHD propagation of magnetised jets in GRBs. According to Chandra, the main result of the paper is in figure 8. He walked us through half of the paper.

fig 8 bromberg

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